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Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello from your GARDEN DADDY here at the garden home. The weekend I finally got the vegetable garden cleaned off and removed the large, tired, worn out tomato vines. I also got my dahlia tubers dug and ready to put into some dry peat and stored in the home basement. I use my basement, though crude and mostly room for the water heater and heat/cooling unit only, as a plant storage area. I currently have banana trees, elephant ears of several varieties, my recently acquired amaryllis bulbs and some other plants to hole over this winter. The basement stays about 50-degrees or so during the winter as it is about 7-ft under grade. This takes advantage of the natural thermals that below ground offers and it takes full advantage of any service equipment that is running and giving off any heat as well.

I am still stunned that counting tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/10/09, we have only 3 Master Gardener intern classes remaining. This has been a wonderful experience and I have made at least in my mind some possible life-long friends in this. Everyone says this intern group seems different from others in that we seem to stick together, often meeting spouses and family, and getting closer than in other years. I think our little group has been longing for this fellowship and friendship and we have found each other in this process. I am so thankful for my new friends and the fact I found them on my own and that we share so very much in common. Some are more experienced, others learning daily as am I. Either way, we are a true group that has become fast friends and hopefully for the long term. I wish us all well, happy gardening and many-many blooms to grow!
I will again update you on the 2009 LANA Holiday Home Tour as time is rapidly drawing toward that end. I am at my own wits end as this approaches. I seem to be gaining ground but still not ready to relax and enjoy and evidently will not ever be. Our Saturday kick off meeting was informative and helpful but did not calm my nerves to know about 350-450 people will file through my home to see ME...not just my decorations but all the love and affection I have given this place and all the sweat and tears and frustration that has gone on with it. True tears that is, on the fact I feel so inadequate to do this type of work and often wish I had inherited more of my Dad's abilities. But I did find out that I am not afraid to tackle any project. Just tear it out and all I can do is either fix it myself, which is much cheaper-maybe even better, or hire someone to FIX my mistakes. Either way, it is working out all OK. But I must get more fine-tuning done shortly as there will be photos taken between Nov. 15-20 and I need some inside and out tuned up which there is a good bit already done. Now if I can get the living room ready and the table set and that will be a good effort toward winding it all down and maybe then enjoying it. I have 3-blinds to hang upstairs, some few curtains, dress that bed and finish detailing that room, pictures, etc., and then maybe I can slow it down till time to put out fresh greens during Thanksgiving week. I am tiring just thinking about it.
So, I leave you today with our ongoing gardening affirmation: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME!"


  1. Over at, we say, "Gardening: One Inch at a Time!"

    We economize.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks, Charlie, for the birthday greeting today!