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Sunday, May 23, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! Well, I wrote yesterday I had gotten a set of banty hens and a "non-crowing" rooster from a chicken swap here in Jackson, TN at Tractor Supply. I found out there is no such thing as a NON-CROWING rooster. Believe me...he crows! At 3:05am this morning, I woke from a deep sleep and dreams to the sound of myself screaming out loud, "OH NO"! I jumped out of bed like I had been shot and realized the little roo was going to town with his crow. I know my in-town neighbors are loving me this morning. I have some tall apologies to make today..."Lucy, you got some splainin' to do" is what it will be. But they are going to a new home today. I think my youngest brother is taking them for his new retreat & get-away home he has built.
They are good birds but I just cannot have the noise here in town. I wish I could as the little hens both laid eggs yesterday after I brought them home. They are good, quiet and easily handled but that darn rooster just had to learn to crow over night, right? I think because he was around a more dominate rooster that he just didn't was not that he couldn't crow! It was not that loud but it was very evident what it was. He only crowd about 5 or 6 times this morning but it was, of course, unmistakable as to what and where it was coming from and that was my back yard here in the city center of Jackson, TN.
So, a good lesson learned, boys & girls. ALL ROOSTERS CROW. I leave you this morning here at 4:40am with our on going gardening affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG (& NO ROOSTER) AT A TIME!"


  1. Oh no! We had the same problem with a rooster, but kept the hens and have had peace, quiet and beautiful eggs for 2 years now. I hope you give the hens a try on their own. Chickens are so much fun. Not sure how to sign in so I'll just be "anonymous" for now, but hi - I'm Jill. Found your blog recently and have been enjoying it!

  2. Hello, Jill! THANKS for following Garden Daddy. Oh no, I still have my 22-pullets I had "planned" this year. But I gave the rooster and the 2-banty hens to my brother and took then to him in Nashville, TN yesterday. I have posted several pictures and articles and one short video on this site about my little "girls" I have here at the urban farm. I know you are enjoying your hens and am anticipating getting my first eggs, hopefully around the first week of August this year. Feel free to email me if you need information or just want to say "hello" anytime & thanks again for looking in to Garden Daddy!

  3. Hi Mike! This is Mary, your friend Marks sister! I am also into chickens and have three 2-week old chicks. We built a coop yesterday. I live in a subdivision, so while my chicks aren't illegal we can still be reported as a nuisance so no roo for us either! My chicken project is clandestine indeed! Love your site!! Mary~