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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


HELLO & Welcome to GARDEN DADDY here at the urban farm! I thought you would like to see a few shots of the 2011 urban garden as well as a promised photo of the now nearly grown little pullets mentioned in earlier posts. As you can see, I try to use EVERY available space in the garden site. I have enough tomato plants to eat fresh from, give lots away, and then even have enough to make sauce to freeze later on as well. I always try to keep my neighbors in fresh summer veggies as I have available as well as adding to what I harvest at the community garden to donate to our local soup kitchen, RIFA. The first photo shows a basic overall shot of the bulk of the garden, the second shows another view and the third shows you those little, nearly grown pullets.
It might not look like it in these badly taken photos, but I have the garden laid out in a certain pattern as I had space and in trying to give some element of moving room as well. It is somewhat tight, but not where I cannot get in and out from between all the rows. You can see as well that I have used wheat straw between the rows. Like I mentioned last year, this not only helps with mulching for weed control, it helps with holding in moisture to a point and it keeps one from having to walk in mud on all these stormy days that we are finally getting. We did have a lot of dry weather for about two weeks but now have had rain for several-several days. By the way, again I have my squash on the outside of the chain link fencing on the driveway side and my cucumbers are on the back of the fence facing the adjoining alley...remember...I live IN-TOWN Jackson, TN.

I leave you today with our ongoing urban farming affirmation and again from yesterday, thanks to you all for following GARDEN DADDY: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"

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  1. Hey Garden Daddy! Good to hear from you again. I'm anxious to hear your story of introduction of new chicks to your current flock. I have 4 chicks that are 5 weeks old. I'm not quite sure how or when to introduce them to my 6 big ladies.
    Your garden is beautiful. What varieties of tomatoes do you like growing. I'm growing a few better bush for the first time this year. Have a great season.