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Saturday, August 13, 2011


HELLO & Welcome to GARDEN DADDY here at the urban farm! I just wanted to share with you that I finally was able to run up on a decent deal on getting a few Garden Daddy tee shirts printed up. My order says they will arrive this next Tuesday, 08-16-11, and I cannot wait! I know you are probably thinking "how foolish" but thought it might be nice to pass around to family and close friends...maybe later if I got enough request I could put some up on this site if anyone was interested in making another order.
Well, we are on DAY #2 of "hatch watch" as we wait on the 8-eggs and two golf balls to hatch...kidding of course about the golf balls! I do not know the exact "laying date" of the 8-fertile eggs but knowing the person I got them from, who happens to be one our of poultry club officers, I am sure they are very viable and fertile. In case some of you did not know, one can gather and hold fertile eggs for up to around two weeks before setting or incubating. 7 to 10 days is the IDEAL optimum time and after that your mortality rate decreases a little each day. Also, you should store with a temperature of no more than 66-degrees F, as any higher temps will start the development of the embryo BEFORE you are truly ready to set. Also they should be stored IDEALLY on a 45-degree angle and turned daily, with pointed end DOWN. This keeps the air sack on the large end. You should also store your own eating eggs in the refrigerator with the small or pointed end "down" in the storage container or carton.
By the way, if you need egg cartons, all you have to do is tell a few friends or church folk and you will have all you can ever hope for. Seems people every where are looking for something to do with those little cartons and are more than happy to save them for me, I know!
So I will leave you this Saturday morning, looking forward to tomato processing today, with our ongoing city farming affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"


  1. Do you store your hen's eggs you are going to eat in the refrigerator? I don't. That is how I get cartons to give away eggs, ask my friend who works where many people pass her way. One woman sends most of the ones to my friend. Cute shirt. I have bush beans if you don't find any? Is it too late to plant them?

  2. I always keep eggs in the frig. It is always suggested to do that now. I am mulling over the idea to try even if I just get a few. I know an organic place I can get some but might just go on with greens instead but thanks!

  3. Who suggests fresh hen eggs that have never been washed should be refrigerated? The Health Department here tried to force the owner of a CSA and a vendor at the Farmer's Market to refrigerate eggs. The vendor had to prove to the health dept that fresh, unwashed eggs did not need to be refrigerated.

    My problem was getting 15 egg cartons at once and most of those were for 18 eggs, so now I just give away 9 eggs instead of a dozen.

    Now, if I have a really poopy egg, I will wash it under running water, dip and wipe it in Clorox water, dry and refrigerate.

    I may just plant these bush beans since you are planting so late.