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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


HELLO & Welcome to GARDEN DADDY here at the urban farm!  Good morning and hope your week is going well.  I cannot remember a milder winter...or the fact that not even the middle of March yet and we are having low-80-degree weather this entire week.  Most all trees are blooming now or budding out and that means we are really a whole month early.  I saw yesterday in the back yard that there were some of the elephant ear plants starting to come out....that is almost 45 days ahead of time in my memory.  I might try to start some early tomato plants now.  Not ready for that!  I NEVER start planting tomato plants "in-ground" until mid-April.  I have some surprises to come with new photos, ideas and the like.
But I did want to mention that this coming weekend will be the first meet & swap of 2012 of the West Tennessee Poultry Club at R & J Feed here in Jackson, TN.  There will be poultry and ducks of many varieties that members bring to sell or swap or often to just brag about.  Quail have become a big seller at our meets in recent past months last fall - for many reasons - both to start a new flock and to "harvest"!  I will update you after this weekend's event with photos, etc.
Pullets and hens (3-hens & 12-pullets...remember from past postings, that a chicken is a "pullet" until it is a year old) still getting their spring legs under them so to speak and egg production from my 15 layers continues to surprise me daily...12 to 15 eggs daily.  My local soup kitchen and neighbors are loving me these days!
I leave you this day with our ongoing urban farming affirmation:   "URBAN FARMING:   ONE EGG AT A TIME!"

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