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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I purchased a digital camera today and now will be able to share the happenings in the garden home. I promise to try NOT to bore you with too much but wanted today to catch you up on the garden as it stands now. My plans are being drawn up for a change indirection for both flowers & vegetables for next year and I hope to share those with you in the future.

My overall plan has always been to have a few vegetables and mostly enough flowers for something fresh cut every day as needed inside the house. I have only partially achieved the latter. I have tried in years past to give away most of everything I have grown to the neighbors on my entire block, often rotating deliveries between pickings. Not quite like "milk at the door" but very close if you live on my block. But every year I alway say I will not have the large amount of veggies I have this year and every spring I overplant again and again.

I hope everyone has a good gardening weekend and remember your gardening affirmation for today: Plant seeds, pick the blooms and the day will be much brighter for all!

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