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Monday, July 27, 2009


It is that time in summer where there is not much happening in the garden home other than maintenance & mowing-mowing-mowing. Keeping the veggies picked and the tomatoes tied upright and standing tall, with the unusual good balance of rain & sun, is keeping me busy these days. I harvested 13-crooked neck squash yesterday, Sunday, and more to pick either today or tomorrow. But mowing is the main focus just now.

When I moved here there was almost no turf grass in any part of the yard. But now some 3-years later I have a true lawn now. I believe it is the best ever to date. I am a stickler for keeping the lawn fresh and I am mowing twice a week now. I guess the ammonia sulfate & 15-15-15 & pelleted lime I added just before the last rain session are really working. I love a pretty lawn and it is almost there.

I will be on vacation next week and may not post much but keep your eyes & ears to the site and see what I might come up with. A lot of my next few weeks may be on some internal repairs and maintenance. I am preparing the house to be on the LANA Christmas home tour this 2009 season. Keep watching for updates. I will be making comments on the monthly plans in the garden home and doing my seasonal chores as required by law....MY LAW, of gardening that is.
I am looking forward with great anticipation to September 3rd, 2009 to start my Tennessee Master Gardener classes at the TN Ag Research & Education Center. I feel sure this will greatly add to my knowledge and my gardening pleasure.

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