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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Greetings from the garden home! As my nephew says, "I can't believing" it is September already. This extremely mild weather seems more like October but it is just barely September and we are in the 50-degrees at night already and high 70's & lower to mid 80's in the daytime. This is just unheard of here in the Mid south. With the 90-year old dogwood trees lining my street starting their reddish coats it makes me wonder and almost have mild concern that our winter might just be not only early but also severe. This is based solely on my own speculation.
I am attaching a link here for fall vegetable planting. I know some of you may have lots of room for some leafy vegetables as well as root vegetables if you start planting now. the link is:
I attempted to plant both mustard and turnips last fall but as we had a long, hot fall my tomatoes kept producing and I waited too late in the season to get a good result. I had a few turnips and greens but the dry, cooler fall just did not cooperate.
I will start my internship for the TN Master Gardener program tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 3rd. and I look forward to a long but enjoyable study. It is a 45-hour program (15 3-hour sessions) but I feel the outcome will be worth it. I hope I have not been out of school so long that I get too impatient with the long class time. Updates for those interested in attending future programs will be noted here. So keep up with your Garden Daddy to see where the class is going weekly.
I continue to gather, almost daily, tomatoes again. Even with the dry weather here in Jackson and West Tennessee I am harvesting. But I am resolved the end of the cucumbers and squash is in sight. I have only gotten 3-squash in about 10 days now so I am almost to the point if we do not get rain by weeks end I will add both cucumber and squash vines to my compost bin.
Speaking of composting, I have noticed since I have started composting my internal and external refuse that my weekly garbage output has been reduced substantially. And along with the composting, I have made a serious effort to start recycling my #1 & #2 plastic bottles (juice, milk, etc.) as well as plastic grocery/shopping bags. There is a wonderful recycling area at the fire station on Westwood just downhill from the school. There are several large recycling containers there as well as one for newspapers and other items. I have attached a link from the City of Jackson regarding recycling and some of the locations for city drop sites:
On updates from the garden home I have replaced the windows that were cracked on my newly reopened transoms over the front doors and waiting for my measure for a new front door. Work continues, even though slowly, on the interior of the garden home for the upcoming Christmas home tour. I know I am somewhat paranoid regarding this event but with so many Jackson residents who attend the tour I just want everything to go well and not be a "show off" but just show my pride and hard work in the 3-years I have been here.
So with everything "fall-ish" in mind and working on a new fall outdoor wreath for the front entrance to be in place on Labor Day ( I am choking on the words - time is going too fast) I leave you with the following gardening affirmation: "CLEAR YOU BODY, CLEAR YOUR MIND & CLEAR YOUR GROUND....& GROW, GROW, GROW!"


  1. There once was a gardener named Mikey
    Whose plants grew all crooked and spike-y.
    So he tried really hard
    And soon his whole yard
    Made a passer-by yell, "Hey, me like-y!"

  2. Thank you for linking to my article on fall vegetable gardening! Just so happens I'm doing an article on Confederate Roses, and I'm going to link to your post about them. Clicking on my name should take you to my South Florida Gardening examiner site, or you can write me at cgardener52 at yahoo.