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Monday, February 8, 2010


HELLO to all of you from your Garden Daddy here at the garden home! Well, last Thursday night, Feb. 04, 2010, I attended the monthly meeting of the Madison County TN. Master Gardeners. It was graduation night and many-many were recognized for outstanding yearly service, lifetime achievement service, intern graduation for educational work completed and master gardeners were officially awarded their credentials from the previous year. Your Garden Daddy was among those recognized for completion of my educational requirements and training in the effort to become a 2011 graduate as a full fledged Certified Master Gardener here in Tennessee.

It was a wonderful night, with reunions of those of my intern group who had not been together for some months and it was a delight to be in our "zone" once again. Four of our group were also graduated in full, having completed their education time and their volunteer hours as well. I just could not work it in to my schedule this past fall, with all the rehab I did on this garden home and doing the class time and working as well. I just could not do it and survive to tell the story. I cannot tell you how proud a moment it was for me to have the realization that I can give you here in these lines some comfort knowing that somewhere either filed in my mind or in my paperwork I have the tools and knowledge to not only send you some guidance but some insight into some future projects that I might inspire you to do on your own as well. It was an idea from some years ago when I first heard and spoke with some MG's about their program that came into reality for me this past year and I have not felt so good about an accomplishment for many years in that this old dog learned some new tricks! As "GARDEN DADDY" comes into full growth somewhere down the road, I hope to receive your questions and give your needs and concerns full time attention!
I will update you on this never ending winter weather here in West Tennessee, where here again today we are getting hit with yet more snow. Not as much as last week but enough to be nasty and somewhat dangerous. I hope every one remains safe this time as well. Due to our weather I have not been able to work in the actual revamping of the veggie plot even though the plans are drawn and ready to implement. So while I wait, I prepare for this months LANA meeting (Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association) where the new president of Lambuth University will go over his vision for the school and how to bring it back to better days without closing the doors.
So until our next time together, I wish you well and hope you are building those bird houses and ordering seeds and working on your spring planting ideas and what new things to try. Please remember to add at least one thing new to your garden plantings this year. It not only tests your abilities to try something new and surprising but add some vision to your garden home with the excitement of seeing that new bloom or new growth spring up to the wonder and enjoyment of all that share your garden views.
And as always, remember your ongoing daily gardening affirmation from your Garden Daddy here at the garden home: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME!"

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