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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! WOW...What a wonderful day that took place here yesterday, Tuesday. I played host to some former owners of this garden home who lived here with their parents from around 1941 till around late in the 1980's, around 1988 or 1989. It was two sisters and their brother. I allowed them to roam and take pictures from all angles and we all talked and laughed and I heard marvelous stories of some of the past changes that have taken place in this house and home as well as their family history and the love, the grief, the laughter and the tears that have been in this garden home. Two sisters and a brother lived here along with their parents and often other family members, coming and going through life together! Isn't that the way it should be anyway? The day ended with a few weepy eyes and many-many happy memories brought back to mind and new ones to take with them for the future as well I hope. I also ended up with many answered questions regarding certain aspects of the house I had been curious about as well.

We all seemed to come to a like mindedness that we even felt like we had a connection and love for this house and at the end of the day, a fondness and friendship with each other. I provided a lite lunch by way of some homemade chicken salad (loaded with good red onion, bacon, celery and eggs and some Cajun spice) on a bed of lettuce and mesculin greens from out of the urban farm here, some strawberries and grapes on the side and some cantaloupe with scoops of lemon-lime-orange sherbet for dessert. We enjoyed a long visit and I had contacted a friend that is a writer for local magazines and articles for the local paper as well and she put me in touch with a columnist of the Jackson Sun daily paper and she came and did an interview with me on Monday and then sent a photographer during their visit and did a photo shoot to once again put this garden home/urban farm in the Homes Galore section of the paper again this next week.
There are only 52-issues of that Homes Galore and this will be the 2nd time in about 6-months that this garden home will be featured on the cover. That is just unheard of and quite a treat for this Garden Daddy to have this home featured and shown off to this community. I really wanted the paper to do an article on the visitors I had and their history and re-connection in this house. That was my intention in all this but something else happened along WITH the history connection. So I will have that little feature in my stock pile when time comes if and when I try to ever sell this urban home! I thought I would share a few of the fresh flower arrangements I made for the photo shoot.

I must leave you today to head over to water at the Jackson Community Garden site and take a look at that progress then I have another scheduled appointment with a friend to look at their garden and offer some "expert advice" but in a friendly way of course! Advice, well I don't know about that now! I hope you all are staying as cool as possible in this record heat wave we are going through in our region. It has really been sweltering, reaching 100-degrees here a day or two this past week with very high humidity. I leave you then with our ongoing urban farming affirmation: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"

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