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Friday, June 18, 2010


HELLO & welcome to GARDEN DADDY here at the urban farm! After many-many weeks of your patience with my worry & major concerns regarding my site over at the Jackson Community Garden, I feel this week has made huge difference and that my site has turned a new corner and I must say for the better. I attended a meeting this week with our entire community garden group of coordinators and directors and advisers and after vocalizing my main concerns and getting some issues "off my chest" I think I see a new direction for at least my site over at N. Fairgrounds & Hatton St. I was able to transplant a Jackson Community Garden sign from another site that is no longer in use from last year and I think that the addition of the sign not only gave credence to the project but made it seem real to myself and to the neighborhood in general instead of just "something happening" down the street. I think this made the difference as well as seeing things really starting to grow and bloom and fruiting and putting some signs out there that the garden will help bring this neighborhood not only to life but maybe together as well.
I am completely tilled and planted for the most part and I have a little more space to put a few late summer things in for late tomatoes, a 2nd squash crop for late season, and then prep for a fall planting of some mixed greens of mustard, turnips (greens and roots), spinach & collards. This is my plan for my site. August 1st will the time to start planting the fall garden crop.
My plan is to add a nice scarecrow just for fun and add a few benches in the shady areas of the garden, made of course from recycled shipping pallets. I will show you these projects as they come to completion. I think I will put one seat on each side of the sign as well and maybe some sort of arbor as an entryway into the garden and then plant some roses or something to run up on the arbor, either blooming or edible, or a combination of both low bloomers with edible vines on them for a real entry effect as well. I hope to make this site the standard for our local community garden project as a whole. With me being somewhat of a perfectionist, where else could this go but over the top right?
So I leave you with these photos to update you on the looks of the garden at this posting and hope to follow up this next week with some benches, new floral bed around the new community garden sign I added and then maybe as time and "gifting" allows, a possible new arbor addition as well. I also leave you today with our ongoing gardening affirmation in mind: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME!

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