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Thursday, November 4, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! While gathering eggs at a steady pace now of anywhere from 10 to 12 eggs a day now, the remainder of my center city operation of gardening and urban farming heads into a "winter sleep" as I have cleaned off all gardening debris and tilled the remainder into the earth for "on-site" composting to take place over these dark, cold winter months.
I am making plans for the holiday season fast approaching as far as decorating both inside and out are concerned. Of course, it will not be like last year with the LANA Holiday Home Tour decorating. If you have been following GARDEN DADDY this past year or so, you will remember that this garden home was the feature home during that holiday home tour season. And of course to brag a was not only a feature home but the tour favorite of everyone who made the tour of all the homes. Anyway, I plan to put up only one tree this year and it will be a fresh cut tree this year. I am putting it up in the living room area. It will be a large, 9-ft Frasier Fir tree with plans at this time to make it, I think anyway, blue, silver, white and natural forest &/or apple-green on it. And of course clear lights as well. I have all the exterior decor in mind as well and have that pretty set in stone as to that decor. You will have to just keep reading and following future postings to see what this Garden Daddy comes up with.
Otherwise, in chicken news...on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, there will be a "chicken swap" here in Jackson at the local Tractor Supply, starting around 8-ish o'clock in the morning. I will not have any chickens to sell or trade but will be there to show support for the West TN Poultry Club and to show off some of the Cuckoo Marans dark brown eggs to the breeder I purchased them from and brag on my flock. I have some other winterizing things to share with you for education on winter preps for both the garden home and your backyard chicken flock. That is in upcoming postings. I have been busy here otherwise with the preps for all new plumbing to be installed this week under this garden home from the bottom up to all fixtures as well as the first dishwasher this home has ever had. YEAH....No more dishpan hands for this Garden Daddy after this weekend!
So this almost ready to hibernate Garden Daddy says goodbye for today and as always leaving you with our ongoing gardening affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"

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