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Saturday, September 25, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! Yesterday, Friday, was a record egg day here at the urban farm. I evidently got another pullet that has started to lay now. I got a whole seven - 7 - eggs! Three were in the same nest even. So that is a bit over 1/3rd of the pullets are laying now. Again, I have 19 birds so we are slowly getting to a full complement of layers here. I am still waiting on the Cuckoo Marans to start their laying to see just how dark their eggs are going to be. WAITING...WAITING...PATIENTLY WAITING!
I had another set of "visitors" this week as well. A set of raccoon babies has decided to winter over in the soffit under the eaves of the garden home. I was woken from a deep end of sleep cycle this morning around 5:30am when I heard a baby that was climbing up the side of the house fall and hit the top of the air conditioner condenser with a huge "thud". He tried several times to restart his climb. He ended up on the front porch and then when I went out there he climbed over the wall of the porch and successfully up to the roof and ran over and into the chimney...OH NO...NOT AGAIN! I have set a trap for them with some cat food in it but no catches yet...hopefully soon so I can repair their entrance area(s).
Sorry I have not been with you for some days but this Garden Daddy was taking the last of my vacation off from work and then back again. I was getting back into the swing of the work week as well as working on the lawn/turf here at the urban farm and over at the community garden as well. So I will leave you today with our ongoing gardening affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"


  1. I have heard that they lay sporadically at first, so maybe you have more laying than you think, just not daily. Now,I was a little slow realizing mine were laying and found several eggs at once in different states of nastiness and one broken. What are your plans for the eggs? Right now, I am going to freeze some of the abundance in case they do quit laying as often this winter. I want to bake during the holidays without buying eggs, something I have not done since the four hens started laying. I love your chicken posts!

  2. Egg breaking! For cakes, maybe? Hmmm...cakes!