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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


HELLO and welcome to GARDEN DADDY here at the urban farm! I want to take a moment this morning and share with you some photos of the basically fully grown pullets I have here at center city Jackson, TN. I just came in from giving them their corn scratch and then added an over ripe watermelon a neighbor gave me to feed to the "girls". The first two photos are of the flock as a whole and the last two show two of the four, 2-Brown Red & 2-Blue Wheaten, Ameraucana pullets who will one day soon be giving this Garden Daddy the blue and green tinted eggs. The white Ameraucanas are called "Blue Wheaten" due to the cream main body with brown (or Wheat colored feathering) and some hints of gray-blue, which you can see under her neck on the "beard" of this breed. You can also easily see the "ear tufts" on both the Red Brown & Blue Wheaten in these photos.
You can get a nice idea of the coloration I have in my little backyard flock, some being the Barred Rocks, the Cuckoo Marans (that look similar to the Barred Rocks), both Silver Lace and Golden Lace Wyandottes (2 remaining SL & 1 GL, having given away 2-SL to a near & dear relative), Black Jersey Giants (& this Garden Daddy does mean GIANTS too!), Black Australorps, big Buff Orpingtons...hey, I think I got them all! And of course previously mentioned Ameraucanas. Going to the Jersey Giants...they are doing well by giving this garden home several double yolk eggs even this early in their laying career..."WELL DONE GIRLS"!
Not much other news. Still very-very dry here but cooler temps have arrived. Around 47-48 degrees in the mornings and in the mid to upper 70's for daytime temps but no rain to go with it so the fall gardening is on hold till we get some rain. Useless to plant greens or anything else till we get some wet weather. So the community garden is sitting there in "wait mode"! On that, I leave you today with our ongoing gardening affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"


  1. The "near and dear relative" thanks you...!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your girls are beautiful! Are your ear tufted girls standard size? I just got two black mottled d'uccles this past week and am trying to introduct them to my big girls (RI reds, golden comets and amberlinks), but I'm afraid my big girls are going to pick on the little girls too much. The d'uccles bantams and still young (8weeks). Congratulations on the eggs! Get your Eggs for Sale sign ready. You're going to have alot!

  3. Thanks, Plantmamaclh! Yes, those with the ear tufts and "beards" are the Ameraucanas that lay the "tinted" green/greenish blue eggs. So far they are really a "celadon" green as I would call them. Today, Monday 10/11/10, I got 2 of the green eggs. So that means I have 2 of the 4 Ameraucanas laying now. I already have several neighbors who have their name in my "egg basket" and waiting on a regular supply. I have already shared some with most of my neighbors and they love them.
    If you have a way to block off a part of your coop or keeping area and let your birds see and adjust to each other it might help. I have some pullets that are a few weeks younger than the majority and it has taken literally MONTHS for them to adjust to each other and find their own pecking order. Good luck and I would like to have more breeds and more of some of the ones I already have but do not want to push my luck as I am over my limit as it little secret!
    Garden Daddy