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Thursday, September 2, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! I just had to take a moment at the end of this busy day and tell you that a second egg appeared today. I found out earlier this week from a long time flock owner that you can tell by looking at the hen's "vent" who is starting to lay. And this week and again this morning I believe the delivery of both eggs has been "Miss Prissy", guilty on both counts. She is the Buff Orpington I put up on photos this week taking the test drive in one of the nest boxes, clucking softly and making a little nest around her and feeling all grown up and "motherly" it appears.
So, with that first egg last Saturday, I am going to assume the others are soon to follow and one of my neighbors told me today that one day I will just go out to the coop and start screaming with both joy and the overwhelming feeling I have too many eggs...NOT LIKELY I SAY! In fact tonight I attended our monthly meeting of the Madison County UT Master Gardeners at the West TN Research & Education Center here in Jackson, and sat with my former intern friends from last year and as we talked about the little hens I have and was asked if I would be interested in sharing some with them in the future. I said of course I would. So the need and desire for fresh, basically organic, non-medicated, non-steroidal, home grown and home fed by grasses & fruit/vegetable trimmings & good grains, causing happy producing laying hens giving good eggs is high and the demand for these products stands the test of any monetary value I hear. That very reason is why I hope and plan and imagine my future with a little more land in a little more rural area and enough room for me and my birds to roam a little more freely.
So I leave you this evening with our ongoing gardening affirmation in mind: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!" .....and waiting on MORE!

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