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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Greetings from the garden home today, Thursday, August 20, 2009. I have to share the abundant harvest I made early this morning. I picked 83-tomatoes, with another dozen or so I discarded into the garden plot due to bird damage, etc. I also picked 27-cucumbers & 4-large squash. So I was busy washing veggies, making deliveries to about 5-neighbors homes as well as taking the balance to a friend in Nashville.
I continue to work on the garden home as my chores heat up in the face of the holiday home tour. I have ordered my "measure" for a new front door to be installed. I am not going to tackle that job as there are so many variables to consider here in this historic house. The thickness of the walls, the fact the porch has sunk a little and the way the front entrance is made make me wary of the job myself. So I feel it will be well worth the money to have it done and done properly. I, of course, will be here and add my influence and my own insulation during the process to save on that issue. So all I have to do now is pick out the hardware (doorknobs, lock set, etc.) and pick up the door and accessories and wait on the installer after the measure is completed next week.
I am also looking at trying to go ahead and paint at least the very front of the house and porch floor before the tour dates. I was originally thinking of some earth tones, being coffee-browns, etc. but have almost decided to go on to a blue-tone now. And with the high gloss deck grey, white trim and the body of the house being yellow already (something I cannot change) I think the blue will be a quick fix and look good with the yellow or go more toward a sage green tone in that color area. And then make a darker statement on the door itself with white trim on the transom and the side lites.
Anyway, I am taking a few days off this week/weekend and will keep in touch with all my gardening friends in the mean time. I have my home garden in fair shape and just working on maintaining what I now have.
So remember your ongoing garden affirmation: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME"!
I take a moment and say "HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, MELISSA", my daughter, of whom I am very proud to have as an adult friend and growing in maturity and endearment daily.

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