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Friday, August 14, 2009


I should be more modest I know but this is only my 3rd summer in my house here in Jackson. Today after finishing my outdoor chores and cleaning up a bit I had 3-ladies stop by to present this garden home with the 3rd yard award I have gotten in 3-years. I received the "LANA 'S Most Creative Yard Award" and the sign will remain in my yard for 1-month. The presenters took several photos of the yard and asked many questions and were requesting a tour of this garden home when I finish the prep work for the LANA Christmas Home Tour later in the fall. I made some new, good gardening friends I hope and maybe some new blog followers as well. One lady in particular was involved in the TN Master Gardener program and I mentioned I will be interning for that this fall and she told me I would really enjoy that study. I know I will and look forward to the program with great anticipation. Thank you to anyone who voted for my yard and the little different take I have on gardening and making my garden home a true standout in the neighborhood. My first summer here I received the "MOST IMPROVED" award and the second year I received the "HONORARY MENTION" award.
That has been my goal all along of course. Not to receive awards, etc., but just the fact that someone notices besides myself is a nice affirmation on one's hard work and dedication to thanking God and the universe for allowing me the health and dedication to maintain such a project and to SHARE the outcome with those who might pass by. I have repeated in these pages so often that YOU MUST try to make your garden home one that not only shows pride but gives praise and love to the ONE who made us and what better way to do that than make someone smile and make them have a better day. And give up our "OFFERINGS" to HIM in the blooms, colors, fragrances and abundant harvests as we work toward these ends.
I leave you again today with your gardening affirmation: GARDENING IS MORE THAN A HOBBY - IT IS REPETITION, EXPERIMENT & MOST OF ALL LOVE!