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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello everyone from the garden home. This weekend brought yet a continued harvesting of tomatoes, cucumbers & summer squash. The casserole I wrote about on Saturday was excellent by the way. It had just enough of a "bite" to it to make the flavors very interesting with the bell peppers & "RO-TEL" (tm) and the addition of the Parmesan cheese made for a slightly crusty top which was very flavorful.
I picked and picked and picked tomatoes yesterday - and gave 4-bags, "WAL-MART" (tm) size about 1/2-full to 3-neighbors and one person at work today. I also gave some to my daughter to take home with her. Needless to say, I am having an abundant harvest on tomatoes. Also on the cucumber vines, even though some rain is needed now for the entire garden. I have intentionally neglected watering here at the garden to stop some of the tomato splitting that has been going on due to the excess rain we have had over the past months. But now we are finally having some dryer days and it appears this next batch of tomatoes coming on will be better. The squash remain the same with 3-4-6 picked about 2-3-times a week. I have mentioned that I planted the squash on the driveway side of my fence (photos lower on this site). And in that fact they have experienced some issues with "traffic" coming and going into the drive I share with a very good neighbor. But the harvest remains about constant on the squash. Attached are photos of the coming of the next tomatoes.

I am also very proud of my lawn this season. As you can see from this photo of my front lawn looking straight down & out it has really filled in this year and I have finally gotten the mixture of fertilizer (15-15-15 & ammonia nitrate/sulfate), compost, lime and hard work and lots of mowing and a lot of prayers to the "turf gods" to be kind to me! It is really nice out there and the back is just as good now. When I first moved here three years ago, there was no turf grass to speak of and what little was here was poor quality and not well. My back yard was grown up and had not been taken care of for over 18-years = no raking, clearing, etc. It was really overgrown and neglected. But now the front and back are real eye catchers. I am thrilled with the outcome and everyone thinks I had the place sodded when it was a lot of hard work and sweat. I have mentioned before I have been mowing my own lawn about every 3-5 days this summer. As I mowed on Thursday here at the garden home and realized I needed it again yesterday, Sunday, I pulled the mower from the garden shed and cranked it up. But the outcome was well worth it as you can see here. I believe this is the best my lawn has been in the 3-years I have been in this
garden home. In fact I know it is!
I send you off today with one thought in mind and that is our ongoing gardening affirmation:

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