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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


HELLO from your Garden Daddy here at the garden home! Finally, what a great day to get outside for a little while. It was only in the upper 40's but it felt better than that. I spent most of today outside and it felt wonderful. I did some yard clean up, raking, picked up some sticks and even got out the mower and ran over the front yard. It looks like I have vacuumed the yard and basically that is exactly what I did really. I cleaned up some things I just had piled up over winter in the back yard as well, putting some 4 x 4's I had brought home from my part time job that came off an old pallet we took apart to destroy...remember, RECYCLE & RECLAIM, right
But the best part was finally getting my RECLAIMED fencing that was donated to this garden home from a neighbors rental property stood up and temporarily in place till I get more stakes and zip ties to install it with. I do not want to put permanent post in the ground as somewhere down the road I might want to NOT have the fence or the vegetable patch any more. I will use the steel hog wire fence post that you drive into the ground and then I will use galvanized wire and zip ties (you know, those zip-strip plastic ties used to tie electrical lines, etc., together) to connect the fencing to the post.
Tomorrow is another busy day here at the garden home. In the morning I am heading over to the WTREC to help re-pot trees at the UT research station, getting in some volunteer hours there. Then tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to trim a crepe myrtle for a neighbor then tomorrow evening I have my March Master Gardener monthly meeting. So tomorrow will be full for me and really enjoyable as I will be outside and most of the day spent with my fellow MG's!

I send you off today with our ongoing gardening affirmation: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME!"


  1. Where will the chickens go? This looks like it will work fine!

  2. "Recycle and reclaim" like "gleaning house", right?


    Nice work.