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Monday, March 29, 2010


WELCOME BACK to your Garden Daddy here at the garden home! I am doing much investigating and research and I am almost there today. I am RENAMING this "garden home" the "URBAN FARM" if my plan goes into place this week. I am checking with the city as we speak with emails and calls waiting to be returned to me about the zoning codes for keeping "city chickens" here at the garden home! I know that Tennessee cities, like Nashville & Knoxville, have already addressed this issue and it works well. You have to give proper reasoning for noise, smell and cleanliness.
I started this early this morning before I went to work and since I have gotten home I have the answer that there is NO CODE regarding chickens in general, but again as I mentioned earlier above about smell, noise & sanitation! So it appears that this Garden Daddy and the newly inspired "URBAN FARM" are on our way to getting our brood. This will make this city farm all the more of a teaching opportunity in the future for my plans with the Madison County Master Gardener program and future interns as well as my own personal use and pleasure of knowing the best possible effort is going into not only my eggs but to future "harvesting" of older birds as needed.
This new addition will add a new dimension to our times together and give another outlet for those summer vegetables that are not worth saving for harvest or busted squash and tomatoes and even a place that will get use from fruit rinds such as watermelon and cantaloupe as well as kitchen discards and also the addition of some few fresh grass clipping from time to time. I will share with you in the stages of building my coop and run from my well researched and thoroughly planned out ideas. AND HERE IT GOES
This is the "coop" in little puzzle pieces for now and then you see the "coop home site" I have written to you over the past two days and it started early Monday morning about 3:00am and it is now Tuesday mid-morning. I just got my email confirmation on my chick request and it has been processed by my local feed store, R & J Feed, that is getting in the shipments. I will have three delivery dates I can go pick up my pullet chicks. The first batch will be here on April 7th, 2nd on April 14 and lastly on April 28th. That will give this urban farm the compliment of 14 hens I am looking for. I will share with you in a future posting the 6-breeds I am acquiring and hope you will enjoy their color and variety as much as I think I will. This will be the "end in sight" of what I have wanted to do for many years and finally making it come true! This spring is especially exciting with the addition of this flock of "layers in training" and hopefully in about 16-20 weeks I will have my first egg if all goes well and things play out like they should!
I must leave today to go try to round up some donations for the Jackson Community Gardens project I am working with now and we are looking for lumber, supplies, MONEY....anything that will help the project get "planted" this year so to speak. By the way, I have designed a GARDEN DADDY tee shirt and could be taking orders soon. I need to order about 20 per order and they run about $18.00/per shirt - cost. Let me know if any followers or readers would be interested in putting together an order and I will see if we can get you into becoming a "walking billboard" for your Garden Daddy! I will send you on your gardening way with our ongoing gardening affirmation: "GARDENING: ONE YARD AT A TIME!"

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