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Sunday, April 4, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! It was 48-degrees this beautiful Easter morning at 6:50am but this Garden Daddy was out in the veggie patch adding some cow manure and watching this beautiful sunrise reach up and announce itself. A neighbor & friend behind me must really be listening when I talk because one day I casually mentioned I wanted to go to a co-workers house that was really pretty far away, about an hour, to go get some cow manure for the garden but it had been too wet to get into his barn to get it yet. In a day or two, I had 2-100# feed corn bags filled with what looks like sifted and very-very clean cow manure! Then in a day or two later there was another was like Christmas for this Garden Daddy. Better than any store bought gift for sure and better than any chemical fertilizers. I have not had time until this morning to get it added into the vegetable patch due to the work on the new chicken coop. But it sure is going to be a boost to the growth and production of this urban farms' produce here in center city Jackson, Tennessee.
Speaking of chickens, this Garden Daddy has been consumed this past week with prepping this urban farm for the arrival of the first 9-baby chicks on Wednesday this next week. Then the following week I get 2-more on April 14th then on April 21st I will get the final 3-pullets, the Silver Laced Wyandott chicks. I did mention that these are ALL PULLETS, as you cannot have roosters (Roos) in the city due to the "noise violation". But the coop is on schedule and I should have it finished today and then start the run either late today or tomorrow after my stint at my "big-box" home improvement store.
A longtime friend has been here since this past Thursday and as of yesterday we finally were able to get outside and get the coop started and about two-thirds complete. All we lack today is the roof and doors. I already had the floor assembled and the base prepared and ready and any thing else pre-assembled as I could. But I was to the point it was going to take two people to finish and he has been a real trooper in his assistance! THANK YOU!
So I will leave you this marvelous Easter Sunday with the following thoughts this morning: "A morning surprise, an earthquake, a stone rolled away, "men" robed in white, women caught off guard, men's heads hanging low with fear and grief. ...JOY, WORSHIP, SURRENDER, RECEIVING ORDERS, DISCIPLESHIP!"...Garden Daddy


  1. Son, the photo does NOT go with the caption to this blog post. Ew.

  2. But it DOES go with Easter!