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Monday, April 12, 2010


HELLO and welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! After nearly three full weeks of fuss & worry and continuous labor I have finally finished the new coop & run for my little brood. I have sealed every possible entrance to and exit from this pen and have even covered the top with chicken wire to prevent "air attacks" as well as dug down about 10" and added old chain link fencing to prevent "digging in or digging out" and then even have a space to plant some fresh greens for the little buggers for when they are ready to leave the brooder. I plan to keep at least part of that area in continuous greens of something growing for them to have for treats. I can section it off with wire and keep them out from one side while part of it is re-growing and one is in use. I will share some photos with you here below.

The first photo shows the chain link fence pieces being buried about 10-12" below grade. The 2nd photo shows looking toward the house at the shade awning, the 3rd shot is standing in the doorway of the hen house looking out and up and the final shot is from the middle of the house looking out to see the run and the little "fresh greens" area that I will plant today. The photo below is of the entrance and decking I added for the little hens to get out under the awning even in "fowl weather" and at least get some air or to just rest in the shade on. I added about 6" of hardwood mulch to the bed of the entire run as a filter to help with drainage as well as to add a layer of hay on top of that which will make clean up easier I think.
I am so very thrilled with the outcome and now just to get these little things up and basically on their own except of course for the regular care and get them out of the brooder. I have several more weeks of brooding to go as I have some chicks that have not arrived yet or even hatched to receive. I hope this gives you followers and readers an idea of where I am heading and what my intention is get the freshest, best tasting eggs with bright yellows that stand up tall on the whites and know what they are eating and that are CHEMICAL & STEROID FREE! Free range and good healthy birds that will lay for several years and give us all much satisfaction and fun.
Garden Daddy leaves you today as I have a lot going on this time of year here at the urban farm as well as in my Jackson Community Garden project, which has a meeting tonight as well as Wednesday afternoon this week. I send you on your gardening way with the following thoughts in mind: "It has been written that even GOD loved a garden once, and so I will love my garden once...once today, once tomorrow & forever!"...Garden Daddy

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