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Sunday, April 18, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! I am still so pumped up about the community garden project for the City of Jackson, TN. but there have been a few obstacles that seem to be - not stopping it but at least slowing it down a little. From my point of view it seems that several factors are slowing progress on my site at least. One is that it is a new site, never been tilled or anything other than occasionally mowed. Two, it seems that too many of us are unable to get together at the same time to get the things done that need attention. Three, it appears that some issues I keep asking about such as a water source, has never really been addressed and left up to "chance" and "speculation" that a neighbor to the site will "donate" his outside water faucet to our cause!
I am a man of action and few words in these my later years and I do not see that problem of just hooking a new meter up to the old, existing water meter box that is on the street on my site. They did that around the corner from me on another site and it worked just fine, putting a lift handle spigot on the meter box at the street. That is all I am asking for! GIVE ME WATER METER OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! If I am to plan, plant and work and help others feed themselves and the local soup kitchen for the homeless and needy, RIFA, then I am at a stand still till my plot is not only re-poisoned, then tilled, then finding a water source. Well, you know this Garden Daddy well enough by now to know I do not fight with one hand tied up behind me...I will give it to you out right, right? So I am still working on trying to negotiate with the neighbor to my site for us to use his water availability and will do so till I have some satisfaction with this issue. I am sorry I am using my garden and farming site for this small stance on my needs in the community garden but a lot is at stake here in that if I cannot guarantee having water to water the garden plots with then I will have NO GARDENERS to need the plots for in the first place and the whole process and at least my site and my time will have been wasted for about the last 6-weeks and many hours I have already put into this project with planning and fundraising, donation begging (!) and road time as well.
So, as I start a new week I will let this opportunity I have taken here to release a little steam over this refresh and renew this Garden Daddy with a new fight this week and renewed commitment to this good and worthy cause to feed the needy here in my community and help bring a little bright corner to an otherwise depressed and often neglected area of this community. I leave you tonight with this affirmation in mind: "I am enthusiastic about life. My enthusiasm is like a bubbling brook, that waters a thirsty world!"...Anonymous

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