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Thursday, April 15, 2010


HELLO & welcome to Garden Daddy here at the urban farm! The little Ameraucana chicks (they were listed as Auracaunas, but are really Ameraucanas) arrived yesterday here at the urban farm and were introduced to their brood mates. Then today, Thursday, I took all the chicks out and put them in another holding container with some sawdust in it with their food and water while I removed the brooder cage from the hen house and put the pressure washer to it to give it a thorough cleaning. When I looked in at the little buggers to see what they were doing I saw the most wonderful site! Without a mother hen for teaching or encouragement those little things were buried up in the sawdust taking their first dust baths. They were covered in sawdust and it must have felt good to them, as they just sprawled out, spread out everywhere and were having the time of their short lives. Here they are, caught in the act of their "morning constitutionals":
Your Garden Daddy has been very busy getting the garden set in here at the urban farm and also working on the other gardening project with the Jackson City Gardens site I am in charge of this year for the community. There are several issues with my site and that will wait for another posting. But all in all this spring is quickly turning into a very busy time here at the urban farm and with the addition of the little brood, it has added another dimension to the task at hand. I know I am going to enjoy having them and they are not any problem. I cannot wait to get them up enough to have them just loose in the hen house and outside run as well as have them in temporary fencing in the back yard at times.
So this Garden Daddy leaves you with our ongoing city farm affirmation today: "URBAN FARMING: ONE EGG AT A TIME!"


  1. Hey "Catalina", thanks for reading GARDEN DADDY! I hope you will enjoy your visits here with this journey here at the Urban Farm.